Agricultural Lime

Lime is milled at our Milebush facility in East Cork, from limestone rock that is naturally well balanced with up to 95% calcium carbonate and up to 3.4% magnesium carbonate. This balance ensures optimum plant and animal nutrition.

Our limestone is sold under the Grolime brand.

Our lime is available throughout county Cork and west Waterford and can be purchased ex works or delivered and spread.

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Benefits of Breedon Lime

  • Improves availability of essential nutrients
  • Reduces Al and other metal toxicities
  • Improves soil physical condition
  • Stimulates microbial activity

Why do I need to spread Breedon Lime?

Rainfall leaching and plant uptake steadily removes lime and minerals from soil. This is seen in practice by lower pH soil tests result. According to Teagasc, only 35% of soil samples from dairy and dry stock farms nationally are at the optimum pH for grassland.

This lime must be replenished by timely additions of ground limestone to land, which help maintain calcium and magnesium levels and in turn keep the soil pH at the optimum levels.

Correcting soil pH levels will improve soil nutrient availability and maximise the return from each kg of fertilizers applied. Lime is a cheap input relative to the cost of fertilisers.

In order to utilise the maximum value of the fertiliser applied at the beginning of the season you must ensure that soil pH conditions are right to ensure that the uptake rate of the fertiliser by the plant is maintained at maximum throughout the growing season.

Why choose Breedon Lime?

  • Breedon is an approved producer of Grolime in Ireland.
  • Our lime is manufactured from 100% Irish limestone.
  • It’s sourced locally from our quarry in East Cork.
  • Produced in licenced quarries.
  • The chemical and physical properties are independently tested bi-annually so we can consistently maintain our high quality.

Breedon lime encourages micro-organisms in the soil. It helps in the release of nitrogen from organic matter and increases earthworm activity, which improves soil structure.

Breedon lime provides a valuable source of calcium which is vital to both soil and animal health.

Breedon lime is approved by the Department of Agriculture, Food & The Marine

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