Lagan is a major supplier of Hot Rolled Asphalt, Asphalt Concrete, Thin Surfacing Systems and innovative special surfacing products throughout the Republic of Ireland.

We implement the highest industry standards as part of our established ISO 9001 Quality Management System and asphalt is produced in accordance with EN13108. Our commitment to research and product innovation has led to the development and use of sustainable quality surfacing materials.

In addition to being a major asphalt producer, Lagan’s Road Surfacing and Highway Maintenance division is a leading asphalt surfacing and maintenance contractor in the public and private sectors.

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CE marked asphalt concrete

We combine our aggregates with bitumen to produce a wide range of surfacing materials, including specialist products for motorways, trunk roads, airport infrastructure, driveways, footpaths, farm roads, car parks and recreational areas.

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Hot rolled asphalt SMA

Lagan can provide recipe, design and performance-based asphalt to suit all applications.

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Thin surfacings

Thin Surface Courses (TSCs) are high stone content materials for Surface Course applications. They are durable, deformation-resistant, reduce noise and spray and offer excellent ride quality when compared with traditional Hot Rolled Asphalt.

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Coloured surfacings

The conventional choice of colour for bituminous materials has been either black or deep red due to the black colour of the bitumen used in the mix.

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Foamix is a flexible and tolerant cold mix product that utilises the proven Foamix technology approved by the NRA and local authorities for many years.

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Streetprint provides the classic look of cobbled stone or brick for streets, paths and driveways for lower costs than traditional methods.

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