Breedon is a major supplier of asphalt products & have manufacturing plants located throughout Ireland

All of our bituminous products are fully certified in the Conformity of Factory Production Control & carry the CE mark. At Breedon we place great emphasis on achieving the highest quality standards for all our asphalt products & are constantly striving to improve on the high standard of quality that Breedon has become accustomed & known for through ongoing research & innovation.

All of our manufacturing plants are fully accredited to ISO 9001:2015 QMS for the Production of Bituminous Products & all materials are manufactured in accordance with current EN 13108 specifications.

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Asphalt Concrete EN 13108-1

Asphalt concrete is the material used in the lower pavement layers. The material is a made up of a mixture of course & fine aggregates, filler & bitumen. When combined & proportioned the end product is a continuously graded mixture that produces good aggregate interlock that gives the material its strength.

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Thin Surfacing EN13108-2

Asphalt concrete for very thin layers, or thin surfacings as they are more commonly known, are available from all of our production plants.

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Coloured surfacings

We can supply & produce a range of coloured surfacing’s for different applications. Coloured surfacing’s are primarily used in asphalt concrete & SMA mixes.

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Hot Rolled Asphalt EN 13108-4

We produce Hot Rolled Asphalt or HRA as it is commonly known at all of its asphalt plants. HRA is almost exclusively used in Ireland & the UK due to the wet climatic conditions.

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Stone Mastic Asphalt

Stone mastic asphalt, or SMA as it is commonly called, contain a high proportion of single sized coarse aggregate combined with mineral filler, fine aggregate a bitumen.

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Porous Asphalt

Porous asphalt is typically used as in conjunction with SUDS drainage systems in pavements that are required to be laid flat with little crossfall to facilitate fast surface drainage.

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