Asphalt Concrete

Asphalt concrete is the material used in the lower pavement layers. The material is a made up of a mixture of course & fine aggregates, filler & bitumen. When combined & proportioned the end product is a continuously graded mixture that produces good aggregate interlock that gives the material its strength.

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Asphalt Concrete

Benefits & Key Features

  • Asphalt concrete is produced by Lagan to current EN 13108-1 specifications
  • Asphalt concrete is usually a Base & binder layer but can be used as a surface layer in some instances.
  • Asphalt concrete is the layer of the pavement that gives the pavement its strength. There are various different mixes available to suit different end uses. Applications include:
    • New & existing road construction
    • Heavy duty road pavements for ports & industrial roads & yards
    • Car parks, residential areas & driveways

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