Coloured surfacings

We can supply & produce a range of coloured surfacing’s for different applications. Coloured surfacing’s are primarily used in asphalt concrete & SMA mixes.

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Coloured surfacings

There is a broad range of colours available to suit customers’ needs. These materials are used to enhance the visual awareness for traffic calming or cycle lane delineation, or simply to enhance the surface blend or contrast of the surrounding area.

Benefits & Key Features

  • Improves the aesthetic appearance of asphalt
  • Enhances the visual awareness for traffic calming or in cycle lanes
  • Improves visibility when used on tabletop ramps, parking areas & road crossings
  • Can be hand laid or machine laid by conventional paver
  • Can be imprinted with a variety of patterns to produce a cobble stone affect
  • Quick to install, especially when using imprinted asphalt compared to installing conventional cobbled pavement

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