Foamix is a flexible and tolerant cold mix product that utilises the proven Foamix technology approved by the NRA and local authorities for many years.

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Base and Binder Course

  • Foamix can utilise a variety of materials, including recycled products such as crushed concrete or reclaimed asphalt and even marginal aggregates such as clay or hydrocarbon-contaminated materials.
  • Foamix handles like a granular material and remains workable until compaction and moisture migration is completed, after which it becomes harder and reaches a strength comparable with hot mix bituminous materials. It can also be stockpiled for up to four weeks prior to laying.
  • It is placed by normal hotmix paving equipment or by simple grader or spreader box methods, and then compacted with all types of roller, though vibratory and heavy pneumatic rollers give best results.


  • Utilises a wide range of marginal and recycled materials, thus conserving local aggregate resources. The Foamix production plant is also energy-efficient, quiet and emission-free, with no chemicals added to the coldmix. Construction time is also reduced, causing fewer traffic delays.


  • Foamix is mixed and laid cold, allowing greater on-site flexibility, whilst the materials can be stockpiled for up to four weeks in advance of laying.

Cost Effective

  • Although Foamix handles like a granular material, its cured stiffness enables the overall pavement thickness to be reduced compared with granular alternatives.

Quality Control

  • Although capable of utilising a vast range of reclaimed and marginal materials, all feedstocks are strictly tested and monitored, in particular for grading and binder content.
  • Production is undertaken to a strict quality-controlled process to yield the pre-determined design mix throughout the duration of each project.

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