Breedon imports and distributes bitumen through its terminal in the Port at Dublin.

We fulfill the bitumen requirements of various Breedon businesses as well as servicing private contractors, running a fleet of modern tankers from our terminal at Port of Dublin, with the capacity to process 250,000 tonnes of bitumen per annum.  In addition, we operate a Polymer Modified Bitumen processing plant, also based in Dublin Port, with a production capacity of 100,000 tonnes.

We are also a major producer of high quality Emulsion Binders.

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Bituminous Emulsions

We manufacture a wide range of bitumen emulsions at a dedicated facility in Blanchardstown, Dublin. All emulsions are supplied in accordance with EN 13808:2013 and for Irish customers Transport Infrastructure Ireland’s (TII’s) Specification for Cationic Bituminous Emulsions.

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Foamix is a flexible and tolerant cold mix product that utilises the proven Foamix technology approved by the NRA and local authorities for many years.

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GlasGrid® is a low extension, very high strength self-adhesive reinforcement mesh designed to significantly reduce reflective cracking for the life of a pavement.

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Polymer Modified Bitumen

Our range of Polymer Modified Binders include elastomeric modified bitumen that provide high performance and are cost effective in a wide variety of applications including Surface Dressing, Porous Asphalt, Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA), Thin Surfacing and Heavy Duty applications.

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RoadMesh® has been designed to reduce the maintenance and whole life costs of asphalt pavement construction by structurally reinforcing the bound layers of the highway.

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