GlasGrid® is a low extension, very high strength self-adhesive reinforcement mesh designed to significantly reduce reflective cracking for the life of a pavement.

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Self-Adhesive Asphalt Reinforcement

GlasGrid® is a low extension, very high strength self-adhesive reinforcement mesh designed to significantly reduce reflective cracking for the life of a pavement.

GlasGrid® can be applied on all asphalt and concrete pavements as part of a new asphalt overlay due to the high level of tensile strength and the excellent adhesion to the asphalt layer, GlasGrid® can control crack growth, thus increasing the life span of a pavement by a factor of 2-3 times.

Because it is made of glass fibres, is self-adhesive and does not require stretching or fixing, GlasGrid® is easily and quickly laid, either by hand or by machine, In addition, overlap requirements of only 50mm keeps material loss to a minimum.

Produced in various grades, GlasGrid® offers alternative solutions for differing types of reflective cracking on problem pavements.

A further GlasGrid® product, the GlasGrid Indicator Mesh®, also provides a visible coloured solution for bridge deck protection.

Glasgrid® 8550/8501 – Complete Repair System

GlasGrid® 8550/8501 is the solution to reflective cracking throughout the pavement. It is used between bituminous layers on lean-mix concrete, de-stressed concrete or roads founded on peat and clay. Stress cracking caused by shrinkage of peat and clay is reduced by using GlasGrid® 8550/8501 across the entire road width, so ensuring full distribution of stress throughout the pavement.

Glasgrid® 8502 – Detail Repair System

GlasGrid® 8502 is the solution to reflective cracking from existing cracks and joints that require individual treatment and greater strength over the joint. It is used to reduce cracking resulting from the thermal movement of concrete at contraction and expansion joints and where haunches pull away from the main carriageway. GlasGrid® 8502 is used between bituminous layers on pavement quality concrete, airfield pavements, concrete carriageways and widening schemes, and is usually placed as a maintenance solution.

Structural Reinforcement for Asphalt Pavements

RoadMesh® has been designed to reduce the maintenance and whole life costs of asphalt pavement construction by structurally reinforcing the bound layers of the highway.

Manufactured from steel wire woven mesh with transverse reinforcement bars, RoadMesh® has an open 3D structure to interlock with the bitumen bound aggregates, enabling it to absorb loads and transfer stresses that would otherwise cause fatigue in the pavement.

The interlocking function and reinforcement strength of RoadMesh® also:

  • Reduce rutting and ‘shoving’ on high traffic areas
  • Reduce fatigue cracking
  • Reduce differential settlement created at road shoulders during road widening
  • Limit reflective cracking on overlay applications

RoadMesh® has been reinforcing pavements around the world for
over 10 years. This experience is built upon extensive testing in some of the foremost pavement research centres.

Installed directly onto the existing pavement or planed road surface, RoadMesh® does not require a slurry seal layer enabling rapid deployment. RoadMesh® is typically installed 75 -100 mm beneath the finished road level.

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