Concrete blocks

We manufacture a wide range of concrete blocks, produced to the highest quality and standard using limestone aggregates sourced in our quarries. Our onsite technician and laboratory are constantly testing our concrete blocks to ensure that the reliability, strength and quality is consistently maintained.

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Concrete blocks

We supply a wide range of concrete blocks:


  • 4” Standard Block (Available in 5N and 10N)
  • 6” Block
  • 12” Block
  • 14” Block
  • 9” Cavity block


  • 4” Soap
  • 6” Soap


  • 2” Pad
  • 2.5” Pad


  • 9” Brick
  • 18” Brick


  • 45° Squint
  • U-Blocks
  • L-Blocks
  • Superblock 

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