Road markings

Our Road Marking Division has completed works on motorways, local authority roads, NRA and on behalf of contractors. We have an impressive portfolio of clients and projects and operate with state-of-the-art equipment equipped with fully automated extrusion and spray facilities.

Marking techniques available include:

  • Extrusion
  • Spray
  • Screed
  • Profiled Rib Line Edge Marking
  • Letters / Numerals / Arrows / Symbols
  • Speed roundels to complement statutory speed limit signs
  • Rumble strips
  • Transverse speed bars
  • Reflective glass beads mechanically applied to all machine-laid markings
  • Colours available include White – Yellow – Red – Black – Blue

Paint Road Markings

  • Temporary markings using Chlorinated Rubber Paint
  • Wide range of colours to choose from

Line Removal

  • Surface grinding
  • Skid Steer Surface Preparation Unit
  • Hot Air Lance – Burn & Brush Method


  • Modern vehicle-mounted equipment for greater safety
  • Self-propelled equipment is used for city streets and urban sites

Vehicle crews are fully trained and experienced.

All works are carried out to Chapter 7 of the Traffic Signs Manual.

Approved NRA contractor.


Road-studs are integral to traffic safety at night on our roads. This is especially true when conditions are wet as well as dark. In this situation, raised profile road-studs are often the only remaining form of guidance for drivers. It is therefore important that studs retain a high level of long term retro-reflectivity, whilst providing excellent adhesion to the road surface.

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Anti Skid and Traffic Calming

Developed to assist road users in important braking zones, such as on the approaches to traffic lights, junctions and slip roads. This also includes improving steering response and grip for road wheels, such as sharp bends or steep sections of road, where traction is important.

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