Anti Skid and Traffic Calming

Developed to assist road users in important braking zones, such as on the approaches to traffic lights, junctions and slip roads. This also includes improving steering response and grip for road wheels, such as sharp bends or steep sections of road, where traction is important.

Anti Skid and Traffic Calming

Coloured Surfacing
Anti Skid and Traffic Calming Systems

We also offer a variety of high friction anti-skid surfacing products in hot applied thermoplastic, as well as cold applied epoxy systems for cycle lanes, pedestrian walkways, dangerous bends and junctions and for all other traffic calming purposes.

Our range of hot and cold high friction surfacing is available in a variety of colours and has different products designed for varying levels of trafficking and wear. These products have a proven track record of performance in even the harshest conditions.

Hot Applied

Zebraflex Type 1

Suitable for high stress, highly trafficked areas (Type 1 BBA certified).


Superior ride quality and long term colour stability.


Ideal for trafficked bus lanes, stop boxes and lay bys, available in a wide range of colours.

Cold Applied


The multi purpose high friction surfacing. Suitable for all classes of roads, (Type 1 specification and BBA certificated).


Ideal for high stress roads. (Type 1 specification and BBA certificated).

Bustrack TG

A coloured epoxy based treatment developed specifically for bus priority lanes.

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