QPR®, America’s No. 1 Pothole Repair material, is now available in the UK and Ireland.



Our product is used all year round by the nation’s largest utilities and public works organisations, as well as local and county highway agencies. Relied upon for over a decade by professionals who demand the best, QPR® is available in both large and small bags nationwide.

No training or special skill required when using QPR®, It is an ideal solution for the DIY enthusiast, car park maintenance company or school caretaker.

QPR® is available in easy-to-use bags at all Civils and Lintels stores throughout the United Kingdom and from Lagan Bitumen Ltd in Ireland.

QPR® advantages:

  • Storability
  • Workability
  • Non-toxic with a Low level of VOCs
  • No wastage – ever
  • Convenience
  • Ease of use and application
  • Can be used in the wet and at sub-zero temperature
  • No need of trimming the edges of pothole
  • No need to apply sealer or primer to repair
  • Open to traffic immediately
  • Will adhere to edges even in water filled holes
  • Will adhere to concrete, metal, glass and asphalt
  • 2 years shelf life in bags
  • BBA HAPAS certified
  • A minimum expected repair lifetime of 12 months with a list of 2 year+ old repaired sites available upon request

For more information please see the dedicated Pothole Solutions website

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