Road-studs are integral to traffic safety at night on our roads. This is especially true when conditions are wet as well as dark. In this situation, raised profile road-studs are often the only remaining form of guidance for drivers. It is therefore important that studs retain a high level of long term retro-reflectivity, whilst providing excellent adhesion to the road surface.


We can offer an extensive range of temporary and permanent reflective road studs. A number of stud installation techniques can be employed to suit all site conditions.

  1. Halifax cats-eye permanent road-stud
    Depressible rubber insert housed in a patented metal casting.
    Self-wiping action ensures lenses are regularly cleaned.

  2. Milled Road-Studs – Model 381/C80
    Hardened cast iron housings designed to withstand all climate conditions
    Ramp angles engineered to protect reflectors from heavy trafficking
    Abrasion resistant lens coating providing enhanced retained reflectivity

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