N3 Kells to Virginia

Our Dublin Depot completed a €2m Hi-Speed Framework contract on the N3 North of Kells in County Meath.

Start Date: 2021
Tonnage: 11,500
Value: €2.7 million
Length: 4.5 Km
Depot: Dublin
Client: Jons Civil Engineering

This particular project involved the removal and replacement of 12,000 tons of Hot Rolled Asphalt over a four-week period.

The use of one of our Shuttle Buggy Material Transfer Vehicles was imperative in ensuring the quality of the finished pavement. The continuous feed of material ensured the paver never had to stop and the middle hopper of the Shuttle Buggy agitated the material before discharge, guaranteeing a homogenous supply of material to the paver with no cold spots in the mix.

We have worked on a number of similar large-scale projects on the High-Speed Road Network in Ireland in recent years and we have been able to bring the value of our experience to bear on this project ensuring on time completion and an exemplary finished product.

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